Doing business for more then 10 years. Tile and grout cleaning. Non-allergenic soap. Deep clean upholstery.


Q: How soon I will be able to walk on my carpet?

You should be able to walk as soon as we leave but we recommend you wait for 1 hour. We recommend you walk with socks on.

Q: Why vacuuming is important?

It is very important that you vacuum your carpet to keep your carpet looking great. You should vacuum more often in a higher traffic areas to avoid dirt going under the padding.

Q: Does carpet protector really work?

Absolutely carpet protector is recommended by A.C.T.

Q: I've heard water can damage your carpet

Not if you're using our service because we use the appropriate machinery and when we leave your house carpet is almost dry.

Q: How often should I clean my carpet?

Advanced Carpet Technologies recommend every 6 months in higher traffic and every 12 months in lower traffic.

Q: When is power scrubbing necessary?

Power scrubbing is usually needed for the removal of soil in the carpet. Scrubbing the carpet will help the soil loosen for a more effective carpet cleaning.

Q: How does your 30-day guarantee work?

You may give us a call whatever your reason of dissatisfaction is with our carpet cleaning services. If it falls within our 30 days guarantee period, we will be happy to make sure you'll be completely satisfied.

Q: What is upholstery protection?

Upholstery protection works to coat and protect fibers of the upholstery from stains. It does not guarantee total protection to every stain but it usually gives you a lot of chance to mop a spill before it eventually stains the upholstery.

Q: Can you guarantee a safe cleaning of upholstery furniture?

Yes, we use safe, non-allergenic, and non-toxic products for our upholstery cleaning services. Our team of upholstery cleaners is well trained on how to properly clean and employ utmost care when cleaning your upholstery.

Q: Do you use environment-friendly and safe products in restoring and cleaning the rugs?

We use water and gentle cleaning products in the restoration and cleaning of all rugs so you can guarantee that your precious rugs are in good hands.

Q: Do you recommend professional restoration for Oriental rugs?

Yes. Oriental rug restoration requires skills, expertise, and knowledge to ensure that your Oriental rugs will be restored safely and successfully. ACT has been in the business for more than a decade already so we can promise you safe and successful restoration.

Q: You say you use non-toxic insecticide for flea treatment. How effective is this?

Being natural, this insecticide is not only safe but is effective. Its natural ingredients work to dehydrate fleas.

Q: Do you guarantee one hundred percent odor and pet stain removal?

Yes. We incorporate a deep cleaning system to ensure that odor and stain will be removed from the carpet or upholstery. We also guarantee that it can eliminate germs and bacteria.

Q: How long does it take you to finish a tile and grout cleaning job?

It generally depends on the condition of the tiles and grout as well as the size of the job.

Q: Do you use safe materials for the tiles and grout?

Yes, we always use safe products for the tiles and grout. We use a non-allergenic detergent usually to work on the tile and grout cleaning.

Q: Is restoration worth it as compared to buying new carpets or rugs?

It is. Buying new carpets and rugs can be expensive.

Q: How long is a water damage restoration process done?

This depends on the job at hand. But, our staff works fast in this kind of job since water can bring more damage the longer it stays in the carpet, furniture, and the like.

Q: Is regular deodorizing and disinfecting a must?

Yes, especially if you have allergy issues and when there are children and pets at home. ACT uses safe and non-allergenic cleaning and disinfecting materials so you don't have to worry if you have allergies.