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Carpet Cleaning, Yorba Linda, CA

Yorba Linda Situated in the Southern California coastal region, the City of Yorba Linda is located 25 miles southeast of Los Angeles and 95 miles north of San Diego. Yorba Linda is the Birthplace of Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States, and the Richard Nixon Library is located in the border by Anaheim to south Placentia.

Advanced Carpet Technologies is one of the few reputable companies in this City who can provide Yorba Linda homeowners with professional carpet cleaning services. Our company believes that every home in Orange County, California deserves to have a carpet that is perfectly safe to live with. While there are certain carpet maintenance that you can do your own, there are also certain cases that we can do the job better.


Advanced carpet technologies always inform to the customers that these substances can permanently discolor and possibly damage wool fiber. The extend of urine penetration into carpet or rug cushions, tackles strip, baseboards , ductwork and subfloor often creates challenges that carpet cleaning alone cannot remedy. Al l of these contaminates can also create offensive odors that maybe difficult to removed. While advanced carpet Technologies may have the tools and training to address such damage, the client should be advised of possible additional cost as well as difficulty guaranteeing permanent remedies as long as pets still occupy the home.


Advance carpet technologies know when the fabric has been stained or discolored from the pet urine; it takes a lot of time and effort to attempt to reverse the damage. Urine components have the potential to stain Dye and/or discolor fibers, especially those like nylon or wool. Don't forget, when these fibers are manufactured, they are contact-dyed with acid dyes.

Furthermore, if the contaminating substance has not been diluted, neutralized and extracted quickly, then as bacteria in the urine multiplies, the deposit becomes highly alkaline smell like ammonia, doesn't it? And actually bleaches color from fibers. It's the ammonia that causes the color loss and/or odor dye migration, especially in rugs, not necessarily the presence of the yellow pigment in the urine itself, the loss of dyes caused by prolonged exposure to ammonia can permanently damage wool fibers, too. Please don't make the mistake of thinking that the urine can be removed with a simple cleaning solution.


Foremost, it's the pet owner and their darling pet that are responsible for the damage resulting from pet accidents. Carpet cleaning doesn't assume the blame when can't make the customer's furniture look or smell like new! The stain or discoloration was there to begin with and is purely their fault, not the carpet cleaner. As a professional carpet cleaning you can attempt to clean, deodorize or remove spots and stains, and/or recolor the fabric, but if your actions can't remedy the damage, that's unfortunate. It's the pet that cause the problem. Not the carpet cleaner, carpet cleaners for circumstances beyond their control.

There are some great products and procedures available for professional carpet cleaners to use for decontaminating and deodorizing, but remember there is no magic one step treatment or product that you or the customer can use to completely eliminate pet stain or odor.