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Carpet Cleaning, Orange CA

The City of Orange, with a population of 138,640 is situated in Central Orange County, approximately 32 miles southeast of Los Angeles. The City's land area is 27 square miles. The City's planning area is 38 square miles, with a "Sphere of Influence" area of 55 square miles. Included in the City's Sphere of Influence is 18,500 acres of undeveloped land owned by The Irvine Company.


The thing the most impresses me when advanced carpet technologies attend trade shows for the carpet cleaning and restoration industries who have decided to make it on their own, improve the technical skills and take some calculated risk, with the goal of becoming another American success story.

This is all very good. We must avoid the chance of someone becoming ill as a result of a carpet cleaning and upholstery. Such an incident can cause havoc for a budding entrepreneur. it can and has happen. The hope now is, with new trends evolving in the green cleaning chemical industry, it can be avoid in the future.

Studies of the early 1980's have linked the use of certain conventional carpet cleaning compounds to respiratory irritation, even asthma, in both residential and commercial setting. For instance, in one outbreak, workers in an office building experienced coughing and difficulty breathing after carpets had been recently cleaned. I a medical clinic, respiratory reactions were reported "immediately" after carpet cleaning ; and In a daycare center, children complained of breathing difficulties, coughing dry throat, headache, even eye irritation that persisted for weeks after the facility's carpets had been cleaned.

The importance is that these reactions were not result of the way in witch the carpet were cleaned that why advanced carpet technologies use specific green cleaning products and will likely a significant impact on all in the professional cleaning by advanced carpet technologies technicians. What it means is if advanced carpet technologies were called for a carpet cleaning in a day-care center, for example , we double check that none of the ingredients found in the green cleaning chemicals we use will not cause any health problem for the young children. Making the right choice for our customer is our priority.

We see a very significant parallel her with the evolution of Green Cleaning. Initially, it was believed by many that the use of environmentally preferable cleaning products would only happen as a result of government action. While there has been customer driven, the end customer wants the green products, believing they are effective, healthier, and safer than what they have use before, and the market has delivered. In all likelihood, such pressure will result in full ingredient disclosure as well.